Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The flight

The flight to Germany was, at the time, by far the longest flight I'd ever been on. The total time from takeoff out of Phoenix to touchdown in Hamburg was 14 hours, with a brief layover in London.

The flight over the ocean (and the rest of the U.S. I suppose) was quite pleasant. The plane was far from full, which meant that I shared my row of 3 seats with a pleasant middle-aged woman going to Scotland to visit her daughter. The in-flight movie was O Brother, Where Art Thou?, but I didn't watch it, because I was too excited and nervous.

To my surprise, London-Heathrow had pay showers set up near many of the bathrooms throughout the terminal. I'm wouldn't be surprised if those showers did great business the day I was in London. Europe was experiencing a major heatwave, which was even covered in the news in the US, and London was very hot and very humid. The humidity and heat were even too great for the air conditioning, which resulted in a lot of very sweaty, very unhappy travellers.

After taking the bus from my arrival terminal to my departure terminal, it was time to make the final hurdling leap into the sky. The flight to Germany was on a smaller commuter plane and took a mere 45 minutes.


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